Legends From The Hill

In celebration of the 75th Jubilee of the University, alumni throughout the 75 years will share their candid stories of life on campus and the impact of the university on their life. Join us every 2 weeks as we hear legends from the hill.

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Legend 41: Liz Miller ’10

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

Liz Miller, class of 2010, practices international law and defends human rights.  She recently founded her own non-profit organization that works to prevent human trafficking domestically.  Liz credits her studies in Theology and Philosophy at Franciscan as the foundation of her formation and the springboard of her career.

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

Where's the cross-over from country music to Catechetics?  John Paul Von Arx '17 shares his story, including how his God-given talents took him away from Franciscan... and then right back.  Don't miss the new music video for "He's Different", the song John Paul wrote about having - and learning from - a brother with Down's Syndrome.  Visit JohnPaulVonArx.com to discover his music or to book John Paul for your next event!

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Michelle (Weber) Hillaert '99 comes from a long line of sisters to attend Franciscan, where she studied Communication Arts and played soccer.  She is currently the executive director of the Given Institute, which helps form young women into leaders.  Learn more at https://giveninstitute.com/

Legend 38: Mark Kalpakgian ’02

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Mark Kalpakgian completed his studies in History and French in 2002, and after a brief stint in the business world he became the Director of Student Life for our Gaming, Austria campus from 2006-2012.  For the last 10 years he has been putting his business and education experience to good use at The Classical Academies, where he is now serving as the COO.  Additionally, in 2015, Mark and his wife Nichole were honored with the Rose M. DeFede Faithful Franciscan Award, for their volunteer contributions to their alma mater by establishing an outstanding Alumni Chapter in Southern California.

Wednesday Sep 06, 2023

Michelle (McKnight) Barto '03 studied computer information science and business marketing at Franciscan.  She has led a successful career in a fortune 500 company and created 2 of her own small businesses.  Michelle is passionately involved in her local community and serves on the Board of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District in her home of Costa Mesa, California.

Legend 36: Rhett Young ’94

Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

The common thread running through the life of Rhett Young '94 is trust in God's providence and plan.  Hailing from California, Rhett arrived in Ohio to pursue degrees in Theology and Philosophy, and -as it turned out- his wife!  After some time back out west in Denver and the Los Angeles area working in education and diocesan family ministry, Rhett's journey brought him back to Steubenville where he has spent the last 11 years as the Director of Missionary Outreach.  Hear how Rhett's personal story of walking with the Lord has helped him form our students and how he teaches them to put their faith into action.

Tuesday May 16, 2023

When people ask you "How are you doing?", do you answer, "Busy!"?  Holly Joy (Penzenstadler) McIlwain graduated with an education degree in 2003 and has put her talents to good use - instructing and presenting to countless individuals, helping them find fullness and balance in their life.  An accomplished author, speaker, and HR professional, Holly Joy is here for you.
Contact Holly or find her books at HollyJoy.info

Tuesday May 02, 2023

Have you ever had déjà vu?  Iliana (Gonzales) Spoelman graduated from Franciscan University in 2016 with her degree in Communication Arts, having also been a student athlete and a Resident Assistant in her dorm.  Iliana later returned to Franciscan as a Residence Director, took a position as a basketball coach, and now serves as our Assistant Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations, a communications-heavy role.  We can't make this stuff up.

Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

Mark's journey with Franciscan University began by hearing Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR, speak at a conference.  Since Mark is now the Director of Career Services, we'll talk today about how the Office of Personal Vocation utilizes new platforms and technology to help current students prepare for their future and keep our alumni connected.

Tuesday Apr 04, 2023

From courtside to couchside, Suzy (Heusel) Delaney uses her undergrad degrees in Biology and Theology, and her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, to coach your body, mind, and soul.  Suzy spent her first stint with FUS coaching our women's basketball team, including as head coach from 2012 to 2019.  Her work with students continues in the form of a counseling role in the Baron Counseling Center.  Tune in to find out what you need to do in order to get out of Dr. Martin's final exam!


Legends From The Hill

In celebration of the 75th Jubilee of the University, alumni throughout the 75 years will share their candid stories of life on campus and the impact of the university on their life. Join us every 2 weeks as we hear legends from the hill.

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